IT Consulting Services – LAN, WAN & MAN

IT Consulting Services – LAN, WAN & MAN

We Provide your Business with a thorough grounding in the delivery and the requisite specialist knowledge and skills to develop, manage and deploy your data communication systems. Beamos Technologies Ltd is an emerging player in the  arena and provides comprehensive and complete solutions to meet the Information Communication Technology and Corporate networking  needs of organizations. Combined with professional services that ensure the success of each and every element of your IT infrastructure, Beamos Technologies Ltd provides companies with the right foundation for growth, today and tomorrow.

Our key services include:

  • Strategy planning and capacity planning to forecast extension based on your company’s strategy and concepts with regards to Data Communications and IP/MPLS, including TE, MPLS QoS, VPLS
  • Planning the architecture design and strategy of your company data network development
  •  Provide support for your budget planning and effective budget control of your company
  •  Hands on implementation of your Internal & External Routing: ISIS, OSPF, Bgp, Multicast
  • Switching: STP, MSTP, REP. VLAN design and panning
  •  Load balancing and HA solutions & Firewall Operation and planning
  •  Developing security policy, implementing and controlling policy for your company wide data communications solutions
  • Develop and implement your company Infrastructure and control of the execution for enterprise and production systems
  •  Implement and provide support for your company monitoring  and management systems: SNMP, Syslog, Tacacs, Radius, SQL based on UNIX platform
  • Design, Implement and support your Data center Management, Cabling infrastructure management & RAN over IP network Development

Data Communication for corporate wide solutionsand support for Wide Area Network (WAN)

Beamos will provide support for designing, planning, implementing and deploying your corporate networking solutions for government agencies, large corporations, SME and multinational corporations. We also provide support for the overall management of your corporate backbone networks infrastructure, while providing total and wide area network and Internet solutions for corporate customers (B2B).

Our key services in this area include:

  • Preparing customer networks into action and actioning logical implementations and cancellations
  • Configuring customer and backbone routers
  • Preparing new interfaces and connections (ATM, FRAME RELAY, ISDN, XDSL, DSLAM, Cisco, 3COM-OCR, Nokia etc)
  • Configuring Remote Access service (VPN, GPRS). Network changes (topology, speed, protocols)
  • Misc. orders and testing (routing, fire wall, access-lists, adjusting BW)
  • Responsible for project updates and optimisations, separate projects and ATM & A-orders
  • Level fault management of backbone and customers networks
  • 24/7 on duty service (Datanet and ATM) and continuous service development with our partners

Systems and Local Area Network (LAN) Solutions &Support

Beamos implements and provides support for managing your organisational UNIX/Linux server farms, we can provide support for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and windows systems, firewalls, software development platforms and local area networks (LAN) infrastructures.

We can support your organisation in your planning, developing and implementation of your company networking solutions including; corporate security and LAN infrastructures.

Our key services in this area include:

  • Managing all Unix systems  and software development platforms (mainly Sun Solaris, Linux, HP’s and Windows)
  • The Installations and configuration of software on Unix platforms for development and testing environment
  • The implementation and maintenance of Local Area Networks (Cisco Switches, routers and Checkpoint firewall)
  • Local Area Networks and infra service development, documentation and maintenance
  • Systems design, implementing and maintenance of DNS, infra and local intranet/infra services
  • Providing technical support to developers and testers for implementing software’s and solutions for the telecom business
  • Responsible for verification testing and software evaluation of major procurement and investments
  • Responsible for managing Checkpoint firewalls, development and implementing all systems and network security
  • Performed systems tasks using SSH secure shell configuration and perl programming
  • Responsible for designing, development and deployment of integration testing, development and office networks
  • Implementing and the administration of intrusion detection systems
  • Project management and document management (Clear-Case and Docushare)
  • Oracle Database installation and maintenance of database applications